Monday, June 15, 2009

Gardening Lusts

There are a few things that I wish I could enjoy as a gardener and if anyone out there has the money or space for these things, I am jealous:

Alitex green houses (
I encountered ads for Alitex greenhouses in donated Gardens Illustrated magazines by a sweet friend and fell into a deep lustful frenzy over these gorgeous buildings that under what my husband calls "garden porn" into a subcategory of "greenhouse porn." Brick foundations! Built in cold/hot boxes! Even specific lower, long flat vegetable garden greenhouses!
In my ecstasy I visited their website and signed up for a catalog that came within days and was full of lush pictures of greenhouses that I drooled over.
I was sort of mortified when a representative from Jersey called me and asked about ordering one.... I had to explain that I "...didn't quite have the funds..."*cry*

Snazzy Potting shed and bench, though I guess the greenhouse could function as such:
Something that had lots of hooks to hang the gloves I never use, a built in tool sharpener, potting soil storage, a huge twine spool, shelves for various pots, a paper pot maker... and so much more...

Front yard Vegetable Victory garden:
Stupid property value, work and not certain how long we're living here :(

Mongoose (Mongeese?):
Just for the poisonous snakes? I am tired of worrying if the dog will get bit, I'd like a useful pet! (just kidding, my dog alerts us if people are around, that's helpful I suppose)


Becoming immune to ticks/mosquitoes/spider bites:
....or even better, partially gaining a helpful mutant ability from these bites. SoIdon'thavetoworryaboutLymediseaseallthetime!

If only.