Monday, May 3, 2010

Well, I think we filled up on our rain quota... now everything will rot.

After going through a good spell of dry weather, we had some rain, then we had LOTS of it.

I don't have television and thus watch news/local stations, but if the internet is sufficient news enough, I assume that many of you heard about the crazy storms/tornadoes in Mississippi and Tennessee.  I'm just glad that I don't live in Nashville, I had no idea that so many houses there were in such close proximity to creeks and rivers that could just overtake them like that.

Best to you who live there and have had to endure those storms and I hope that no one else gets hurt.

Now that I feel like I won't have to water for a few weeks (though the forecast seems to predict a couple of showers over the next 10 days) the amount of rain has me worried about fungus, as it will take forever for all this to dry out.

All my vegetables/fruit plants are in raised beds, and though they drain relatively well, I think, my strawberry plants have been quite happy in them... and now I am kicking myself for not having thinned the plants out more (avaricious for strawberries, I have been).  The leaves, though off the soil/ground are lush and there's probably less air flow going through than I like and because the leaves are such a great canopy over the soil they're in, they are preventing light to reach beneath and dry things out faster.

Good for when it's drier out, when moisture needs to be conserved, not so good when things need to seriously not be soaking.  Well, I'm glad diatomaceous earth is like those gel packets and absorb moisture, maybe I'll just dump it all around and it can soak up a few gallons per bed! (I wish).

After strawberry gathering yesterday I did find fuzzy gray moldy fruit and stems and am now keeping a close eye on the strawberries.  Last year it was slugs, this year let it not be mold that takes my strawberries down! Luckily they're everbearing so I get more than one crop, but still... fungus needs to go so I can keep continuous clean crops.

Unfortunately the organic treatment of molds like these is sulfur-copper sprays, which are not reliable compared to their inorganic brethren, and it would be yet another expense to the garden list. *sigh*

Neem is supposedly a fungicide too, don't know if they affect all fungi though and I hate the idea of spraying more liquid on my already damp plants.

Will  just have to watch and wait (unless it all goes down hill quickly, then I'll just be annoyed).

Hope that your gardens are doing relatively well despite the ridiculous rains and that mold/fungus (unless it's the good kind) stays away from your plants!

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