Wednesday, June 23, 2010

OMG where did the time go? I blame Summer Soltice!

Hallo, where did the time go?  I was running around all day that I didn't get to really write up a proper post as promised!

Um, gardening updates/news: I inherited a large rubber tree/shrub plant in a pot from my volunteer place and pruned that sucker back and will be taking a bunch of cuttings for people who actually missed it.  Apparently there was a bunch of naysayers about the poor rubber tree who thought it looked like a bunch of sticks.  But it was in full rubber tree leaf glory! All dark purple-green glossy leaves! Ah well, beauty in the eye of the beholder?

I also had to re-pot up some orchids that I've been slowly killing the root system too because I 1) over watered and 2) forgot that they like to be a little root/pot bound.  The good news is that freed up some of the large pots as I had to trim back dead orchid roots galore.

Um... it's still hot? But looks like rain is in the forecast.  Which will probably mean fungus.... again. Blah.  I might be bringing out the big guns now, like copper spray, we'll see; I'm not thinking my everbearing strawberries will be everbearing again this year.

And now, allow me to distract you with some pretty borage pics!

What I I especially like with the morning pics is all the DEW: