Sunday, April 18, 2010

Weekends are for fruits and flowers: Part 2 (Warning: PIC HEAVY)

Though the vegetable garden is still coming along a little slow (at least in my personal time-space perspective), The flowers are have a good ol' time and continue to be breathtaking.

I received a white iris from one of my master gardener neighbors a year ago which I plunked in a very random corner of the yard because I had no idea where I wanted to put it/hadn't had time to dig up some grass for it, so there it sat for an entire year.  This spring I chopped it in half as it made some good growth and I realized that I wanted some permanent leafage in front of a fence so I transplanted one half there and kept the other half in its original location, undisturbed so that I could at least see what was up with this iris's flowers.  Here are the results! (reminder, pics are smaller than usual for easier loading, please click on them to expand them if you wish to see them in their full glory):

Love taking zoomed in detail shots!  As you might guess, I am a Georgia O'Keefe fan.  The stripes/speckles make me think of a white tiger.

It's like the iris has a fuzzy tongue!

I don't know why but this makes me think of ballet, or white sheets in the wind.

 The hellebores are still coming along!  Pods developing and looking wicked and spiky.

This hellebore innard's only have 3 pods developing, vs the 4 above.  I liked how they crossed like this.

A self seeded pansy from last year's winter.  I wonder if some mixed because this doesn't look like the plain purple I had before.  If you could only see them in real life! Huge flowers, wonder aroma and the colors are truly vibrant.  They seem to be doing well in the part shade under my tree and producing loads of flowers.

I like this fern uncurling, makes me think of an infant with its fists curled.

Mama and baby fern

I will never stop loving fluffy dandelion seed heads!  I like how this one is just barely holding on.

Have a great weekend and hope you're enjoying the little things in life.