Friday, February 26, 2010

Still waiting for spring to bust out all over

Here and there I find some signs that things are warming up and I can enjoy my garden once again:

Lemon flowers trying to completely unfurl:

The temptation to try to pry open the flowers/buds is great as I want to smell them and get to pollinating them for fruit production!  *Poke poke*

Maybe there are a few lemons that will develop! (I've had a few of these swollen looking like they're going to become lemon things before only for them to not become lemons and die, so I don't want to keep my hopes up).

Outside things are stretchin' out:

Columbine leaves unfurling from a cute ball!

Cheap anemones that I never thought would make it having survived the crazy cold and frost and snow, showing a bud! (pardon the terrible pics, things focus when I adjust on my camera screen but then look terrible on the computer.  Bad camera or glasses... Too much light too, I need to get out that shade thing for pics like this)

I also have Bells of Ireland seedlings still making it after all the nasty weather.  I hope that they'll flower, nifty looking blossoms and spicy scent!

Some goals I realized I wanted to accomplish beyond vegetable gardening this year:

(1) More bird houses-  I'd like more birds to eat any nasties in the garden and after having some indian strawberries take over as ground cover, I had some great entertainment last year watching them fight over the berries

(2) Get that bat house up (again) (maybe to the roof?)-  I've had this blasted bat house for 2 years only to have poles that I made to put it up on fall down and too much tree cover in the way for (supposed appropriate placement is clear of trees) them to be attracted to the house.  I want bats!  I want fewer mosquitoes biting me and turning me into nasty walking bumpy itchy human this summer! We'll see....

(3) More flower flowers- for attracting pollinators and hummingbirds (and because it does look nice).  I have this ajuga and heuchera  and mondo grass that I actually tried to kill (turn over a million times) that were here at the house when we got here and won't die, so since I am starting to appreciate stubborn plants to fill in spaces, I think I'll move them to somewhere a little more prominent other than under my feet.  I've acquired a fair amount of perennials that need to be divided and seeds that I've saved for a while, so perhaps it's a good time to get those going for flowers for next year.  Darn slow growing perennials :)

(4)  Make a cold frame (FINALLY)- before this winter.  It's rather depressing to not have any fresh vegetables (other than leafy greens) from the garden over the winter.  As I am being gifted with some window panes this year, Iwant to feel like a real pro by growing something special in the winter this year.  Any ideas?  I know I can grow mustards, chards and pak choi w/o a cold frame outside.  So, while I can technically grow nearly anything, except tomatoes perhaps (not tall enough... unless I get a miniature variety hmmm)  in the frame I could use some ideas.

Hope you all are prepped/prepping that preparing at a faster rate than me and that you haven't felt like this was the longest winter of your life like I have!