Monday, June 21, 2010

Ugh. Summer in Memphis.

So, I'll give some updates on the garden tomorrow, because as of late, it's been  HOT here, and I have been a lazy bum, hosing the garden down on the 99 degree F days (F-days, no joke...) with heat indices in the 103-107 degree F areas.

I'm hosing the garden with sad, city chlorinated water despite having full rain barrels again because I want to be able to zip back and forth between the beds and give them a thorough, cold drink(I know they might not like the cold, but we'll pretend that they enjoy it).  Plus lately I've wanted  to be out of the heat before 8pm.  Usually I like to be in there for an hour at least, and back in no later than 10:30am, but that's not happening here on out unless the summer magically cools off or I decide to change my sleep schedule to waking up at 5am (and messing up the dog's sleep/food schedule and having her wake me up daily at that hour)... so maybe I'll just work on that being more efficient outdoors thing.

Another problem is that I'm an utter newb and never remember to drink enough liquids before, during and after hot weather gardening and have a tendency as well to black out a little when I get up from stooping during gardening.  The mom in law says that apparently petite people such as myself are prone to that.  Great, another annoyance in being short.  You'd think that there'd be less distance between my blood to my brain so that I wouldn't get all black-y out, but no.... being vertically challenged is a real bitch.

On happier news, I had an epiphany that led to me an overall revolution.  After having given myself a permanent tan on my lower back due to insufficient high pant/too short shirts I have learned why farmers wear overalls, duh.  I find that I probably look like some adorable mini-farmer now in them, and it really harkens me back to the 80s.

But yes, back to heat.  Things are wilting and dying, not setting fruit and being in general ornery and annoying. First drought, then floods, now heat and humidity.  A regular Memphis summer I suppose, so regular whining.

Back atchya tomorrow.