Thursday, September 24, 2009

Garden Names

Usually I am a big fan of names, but I have never considered naming my garden... just not my thing.

If I lived in a manor, a grandiose area, or at least felt like my garden was swanky enough for a name I'd do it, but this little suburban yard doesn't have the oomph yet to deserve one I think.

HOWEVER, it was fun briefly poking at the idea of naming the garden and I could be snarky and call it something like: The Backyard.

To be more creative might be:
-The Jungle: Upton Sinclair is Buried Here (I have no idea where Upton Sinclair is buried... oh wait, I made a Google)

-Squirrel Buffet

-Land of Planty (I am so sure that this is used, if not at least in a blog... ah, another Google. Really? Leonard Cohen?)
(UPDATE: huh, rechecked that link and either I was TOTALLY tired, but Leonard Cohen's thing is actually Land of PLENTY, and there was one link that said "planty" that caught my eye, oh well)

-Perilla Hostile Takeover

-Gnome Man's Land (thought this was great until I looked it up. Well, dang).

ok, those aren't that good, but if anyone has any suggestions, IF I was to fancifully decide to name my garden, please send them this way!