Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Well, that was a little weird....

Randomly, I finally found the time to thoroughly read the edibleMemphis that came in the mail a while ago (ignoring my article because dude, I wrote it, and as usual I felt could have done more with it. AUGH perfectionism, 'tis a CURSE!)

Anyways, it was just interesting to see Adrian Miller of the "Eau Sucre Begets Red Drink" write about the hibiscus sabdariffa when I mentioned it in my blog recently after the magazine publication... that Jonathon Devin mentioned ornamental peppers... with same weird coincidence as above... and that Ben Smith of Tsunami wrote about Asian greens and talked a bit about Malabar spinach... continuing odd coincidences.

Granted this is a food/garden magazine... but specific things like the hibiscus and spinach were a little odd.

Am I developing some sort of telepathy? If so, what other powers might manifest? Adamantium claws? ...or mutant healing...?

Fer chrissakes people, MUTANT HEALING.