Saturday, May 15, 2010

Spiderworts are this girl's best friend (somewhat lame post for the weekend)

More substantial posting Monday (cross fingers) but spiderworts,  are the best. If you want a fun perennial that is easy and self seeds like mad... but we enjoy invasions around here.

Their flowers are substantial but close up when it gets too hot by the afternoon. 

As they self seed, I have a million little seedlings which I give away and ones of various ages so that I have a varying amount of heights for my spiderworts.

The oldest ones are ginormous!  About 4 feet tall, I swear.  They are in my front yard bed though that gets a good amount of fertilizer for the irises and bulbs, so that might be a factor in their height.

I still have to give them a taste, as I learned some time ago that they are edible, and okra-like in taste as well as excellent indicators for a nuclear apocalypse.  This plant is also a common find at master gardener trades/flings, due to that easy self seeding thing.  Like all my lemon balm and feverfew and lambs ears, this self sows into my lawn too. 

I promise to give an update when I give this stuff, also known as "cow slobber" a taste (next month, I swear!)

Just wanted to bring up reliable plant-i-tude for those who care!