Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Garden pics

Egyptian Walking Onion
Aforementioned Sea of Shiso

Unusual grasshopper on shiso leaf, love the colors!

Another angle of the grasshopper. Click on the photos, they look a lot better blown up!

Twisty vine Diane gave me and random "borrowed" crepe myrtle branches being used to support self seeded vines.

On a random note, I am needing to steal more grass clippings from the neighbors after I dig up the garden bed paths so I keep the weeds down. I realized that I want to devote all "borrowed" grass clippings from neighbors to use in the paths and keep out of the actual garden because I obviously don't know all the crazy things they might be using on their lawns.

I can then devote all the weed seed ridden, non-treated with anything clippings from my house in compost pile for use.