Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ze Seeds! Ze Seeds! A garden fantasy.

The seeds have actually been sprouted up for a few days now, but my have they made progress!

They seem quite happy in my mini greenhouse and I will be sad almost when the greenhouse is empty.  I'll be an empty mini-greenhouser "Oh how they grow up so fast!"  Wait. Stop.  This is too close to the idea of myself propagating, aka having children.  I still have a good 5-6 years before my eggs start totally dropping off!  There's so much to do, so many vegetables I need to grow to can little jars of pureed stuff I need to make in preparation for that time...  But seriously, biological clock is NOT ticking despite all the links my mom sends me about babies.

There's nothing more hopeful than seeing seeds germinate.  The swell of the soil by an impatient little plant cracking open its piece of earth.  I can totally empathize.  Even the part where it is unceremoniously taken from its comfy bit of land and transferred to larger and larger pieces of land UNTIL IT CANNOT BE PAMPERED ANY FURTHER AND MUST COMPETE!

Oh the world can be such a harsh place.   But, only the strong can survive in Persephone's garden :P  I can forsee my children to probably not be so forgiving to me as a parent...

The tomatillo seeds have been amazing!  One night there was nothing and the next, 5 seedlings pop up, all straight and "Hello there!"

I'm a little concerned that maybe they plants will be getting a wee big in the year and I will just have to plant them out earlier than I expect... maybe late March? Mid April?  Eh, a cheap bottle cloche and/or sheet will do the trick if need be.

I am going to PACK this garden tight this year and really go seriously French Intensive.

The tomatoes will probably be tucked in with the all sorts of lettuces and root vegetables growing this year as they'll grow well above them.  The tomatillos could sprawl (like the tomatoes I suppose, but why possibly promote waste and disease and encourage pests?

The goal this year was to not only have high quality and quantity of crops, but also "make it
 prettier."  "Prettier," is a concept a little more foreign to me, but with this past winter, I have been seriously tired and have been craving color, bees, birds and a place that's more.. approachable.  It was mostly attractive before I think, but I'm really looking for something to knock my socks off.

Tall order eh?

Well, we all can have our fantasies.