Sunday, October 25, 2009

(100th+ post) GIVEAWAY: Tag! Maybe you're it?

Hello all! My time has flown by fast! I've been much more diligent about this blog than I expected and I appreciate all the comments and encouragement from people.

This is about the 100th (+?)  decent post I have made here after the deletion of the intro post of this blog (I know a crime, but it was so bad and incongruent I felt it had to go)

As I enjoy celebratin' and giftin' I would like to do both of those things below:

Remember I talked earlier about garden craftiness and labels/tags? Well I did some more experimenting and found that I could use my nifty glass paint on the metal can tags I make and thus create really nice durably designed ones, woohoo!

These are BAKED on, so won't wash off like regular paint or nail polish a person might use.

Here they are, being modeled with a little Cuban oregano so you can idea of them being in use. (kind of crowded I know)
So, in celebration, I will randomly choose by the end of the week (Happy Halloween) one person who commented to send these to (you'll be contacted via email as to where you'd like me to send it).

NOTE: I'd like to apologize about the purple-yellow one... I was trying to do a lotus type thing, but it didn't turn out quite as well I would have liked. I still enjoy it personally myself, but if you want tags and don't like it so much, just tell me.

Thanks again and best of luck!