Monday, April 12, 2010


My kaffir lime tree and I like to play a game every year.  Each year I bring it inside when it gets chilly.  It hangs out in the warm kitchen and I merrily take leaves from it for delicious ethnic dishes during the cold winter months (you're supposed to use the leaves, I've never seen it produce flowers, or obviously w/o flowers... fruit).

When it gets warm again in Memphis I attempt to acclimate it outside, in a shaded, sheltered location where invariably, a little bit of wind does this to it:

THEN, (each year) I freak out and fuss if the stupid tree will make it with no leaves, though it did retain two stubborn leaves for once this year.

AND AS USUAL, it shows sign of new leaf life again after weeks of worry:
(Yeah, I need to stop freaking out about this stuff... just my nature)

I'd like to add that I got my lemon and this lime tree at the same time on Craigslist, both for $20, with their original terracotta pots, base and pretty rocks for water to drain into.  A steal I say.  Just a plug (I'm not affiliated with them!) for the awesomeness of Craigslist for having connected me with all sorts of very interesting people and deals like these trees and my super reproductive cannas. 

(NOTE: as much as I love Craigslist... if you do use this great system, please be careful still.  Strangers are strangers, so make sure reliable friends know where you are and when you are meeting with people to purchase or exchange items!)