Wednesday, June 3, 2009


The bunny not only has nipped EVERY leaf from my vine beans, but decided to eat all the bush bean leaves too. I've spread bloodmeal aplenty around, which I hate to do as I want to eventually convert to all green fertilizers/manures, but I had it on hand and I understand that the scent should drive the rodent off.

Husband and I have contemplated setting the dog on it, with clanky collar off, as she is a real ninja when she doesn't have jangling following her every stealthy step. If the dog catches the rabbit (and humanely 'gits it,' as humanely as nature takes her course...) and if the husband and I can retrieve the bunny from the dog's jaws we're contemplating Hasenpfeffer

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It is a tiny cute bunny though :/ (Vegetarian friend Molly please do not disown me!)

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