Thursday, June 11, 2009

Weather, location, what?

The weather here, well more precisely the forecast on has gone a little batty as it is telling me "Hurricane Preparation?" and "Beach Weather?" Granted, as long as I am getting correct weather information, doesn't need to be a "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?" champ.

Dammit, I am NEVER going to get the game show's Rockapella theme song out of my head now!

Anyways, waiting on the weather to not have a chance of rain so I can NEEM spray my plants up because I am slowly realizing that I will be needing to spray once a week to control all these flea beetles and squash vine borers.

In addition to the spraying NEEM oil, I am going to use leaves/flowers of my feverfew and chrysanthemum plants to make a tea and create a truly organic pyrethrum concoction (, and hopefully that will knock out most of my pest problems.

I am beginning to wonder too if I need to turn the ginormous compost/lawn waste area by the house to expose pest larvae.

ON TOP OF ALL THAT, in my quest to have delectable squash this year, I will submit and be getting floating row covers ( and Nema-Ject Nematodes ( from Gardeners Alive because I really really want squash. What better vegetable than one that is tasty, decorative and that can hold for a long time? Plus, I have a $20 off coupon.

These nematodes sound awesome, something about tiny things that can create havoc on another species... hmmm, this explains a lots about my fascination with viruses and bacteria for a long time... NOTE: bacteria are good and essential too, for the soil and humans, so no one go all anti-bac on me!

Anyways, still watching the weather.

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