Thursday, August 20, 2009

Critters and delicious stuff

Just a quick picture post about all the cool stuff outside my window:

There's a praying mantis in this pic above that I didn't even notice until I loaded it!

I love the color of the eyes of this dragonfly! For some reason, dragonflies are often called the "Devil's steed." I don't get it.
the praying mantis again! Looks like she has a little design on her back.

I thought this was funny. Mantis wants a sneak attack! Maybe i can get a great video of them fighting, you'd be amazed!

The few, delicious raspberries that survived from my overzealousness from last year, added to creme brulee!

Random tame deer that has been wandering our park and doesn't understand the concept of danger until it gets eaten by wild dogs.

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Carol said...

Hi! Congrats on winning a Cobrahead hand weeder. Please send me your email address so I can get you hooked up with the company to have one sent to you!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens