Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tricolore Garda shows its colors!

Isn't it gorgeous?! Orange, purple, cream, yellow! (Ok, so cream and yellow can nearly be the same thing, but we're making an exception here because I like more colors)

I still have yet to take a little bite from each different colored pepper (a little scared honestly) but I know, in the name of food science, I must :P

This will make an even lovelier pepper jelly than the one before, and I really, really really ought to try it the proper way... rather than the cheatin' freezer jelly method. Gotta be hardcore and all about this canning business.

Speaking of which , my pineapple sage is looking mighty overgrown and I hear that's spiffy to make into an apple jelly with....

Already I'm feeling all jelled out.

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