Thursday, September 10, 2009

FREE GIVEAWAY: ...the perilla is in bloom!

As I had mentioned previously in an earlier post, perilla/beefsteak plant is pretty amazing in its self-seeding-ness and......... its now in bloom.

Pretty, is it not? (If you like adorable self replicating tasty and pretty colored gremlins...)

All this...
....Can be yours!

So... while I know I have said it can be a scary plant a bit, it really is a good groundcover for those bare spots that you just want to have filled in It's tasty, wild basil-y anise-like and can handle nearly any conditions. I never water it, it likes sun and part shade...what more can you love?

So, for the GIVEAWAY:
If you leave a comment and I will reply back to you for your address I will be happy to send you a small homemade packet of the seeds that will fit and only cost me a stamp, HANDPICKED, WINNOWED and PACKAGED by me.

This giveaway will be open for up to a month after this posting and is free for those in the continental USA. If you are outside from here, we can potentially work something out with S&H.

Also I would like to note that while I have no doubt these seeds will germinate wonderfully, I will say that I can't guarantee they ALL will germinate.

ALSO, please check your invasive species lists to make sure that you're not propagating anything you shouldn't in your area

You just need to comment your interest in this seed because, dude, I have PLENTY to go around.


Anneliese said...

Isn't Perilla a medicinal plant?

I'd be happy to take some seeds off your hands!

(anneliese at cobrahead dot com)

persephone said...

Yep, perilla supposedly stimulates the immune system!

I use it for food/seasoning however, it's pretty tasty when made into tempura. Like perilla chips!

persephone said...

Also, as the perilla is still in bloom/slowly going into seed, once I get a good amount I'll send some your way. I suppose I figured a month of this free giveaway would give me the time to let seed set and do all the labor :)

BTW Anneliese, send me your address to send seed to at my email: