Thursday, September 24, 2009

Garden Names

Usually I am a big fan of names, but I have never considered naming my garden... just not my thing.

If I lived in a manor, a grandiose area, or at least felt like my garden was swanky enough for a name I'd do it, but this little suburban yard doesn't have the oomph yet to deserve one I think.

HOWEVER, it was fun briefly poking at the idea of naming the garden and I could be snarky and call it something like: The Backyard.

To be more creative might be:
-The Jungle: Upton Sinclair is Buried Here (I have no idea where Upton Sinclair is buried... oh wait, I made a Google)

-Squirrel Buffet

-Land of Planty (I am so sure that this is used, if not at least in a blog... ah, another Google. Really? Leonard Cohen?)
(UPDATE: huh, rechecked that link and either I was TOTALLY tired, but Leonard Cohen's thing is actually Land of PLENTY, and there was one link that said "planty" that caught my eye, oh well)

-Perilla Hostile Takeover

-Gnome Man's Land (thought this was great until I looked it up. Well, dang).

ok, those aren't that good, but if anyone has any suggestions, IF I was to fancifully decide to name my garden, please send them this way!


Anonymous said...

Hello, I have been reading your Blog for a bit now. I was wondering if you have thought about making nesting boxes for Mason Bees. They are better then Honey Bees and much more pleasant to be around. They are done for the year as they only come out in the spring for about a month. They are great pollinators. Their is some useful information on the internet about them and how to make homes for them.

persephone said...


Thanks for reading :)

I have thought about it (been in the process for ages it seems now) of making mason bee nesting boxes and have amassed literature on making the boxes, but am a terrible person and have not done so yet.

I also know that a really simple method by taking a bunch of appropriate hole size bamboo poles (untreated of course), cut them to about 6 inches in length and bind a good number of them (maybe 2-5 inches in diameter?)around with twine and place the bundle horizontally and securely in the nooks of bushes/trees/somewhere safe.

These types of bamboo houses for mason bees can be bought at:,default,pg.html

and are pretty, but really, you can just stuff a cheap thrift store basket or old school rice steamer with the bamboo bits and you're done.

There's the also the harder method of actual wood construction that I am aware of and haven't got around too yet either, but takes more materials and has less room for bees it seems:

making it less agreeable to me.

Thanks again for reading and your comment (it's like you're my guilty conscience reminding me to get my bum out and finally make one!)

Anonymous said...

I only mentioned it as I made Mason Bees homes this year. I live in Oregon and they are everywhere and didn't think anything about them but decided to check them out and just went out and did it. I used wood I have as my husband and I do wood work. Don't like to waste anything but am thinking about getting bamboo to put in the holes for next year. I put them up on my grape arbor so they are out of the way and won't be disturbed.

Thank you for saying I am like your guilty conscience, maybe I am, LOL, I take that as a compliment.