Sunday, September 27, 2009

Lambs ears- Useful and a good pet substitute

I have a soft spot for this easy, potentially invasive generic plant:

It's so FUZZY!

and xeri-scaperific!

As a little kid I had read that it was used as bandages during wars and would often play doctor/medic on the little boy neighbors I played He-man/She-ra with, dressing their wounds with lambs ears (so we stick fought a little hard :/)

I learned recently too that it makes an apple-y fruity flavored tea and along with bandages, can be used like the ultimate biodegradable wash towel (albeit small, but still useable).

More likely this would be a great cotton ball substitute and I wouldn't have to worry about the oddness of a bleached cosmetic product.

Maybe, maybe... though I have always wanted to grow my own cotton for fun...


em said...

persephone, i'm a first time visitor to your blog and am completely wowed by your heading photo! wow, if you can take photos like that i'd sure like to see more of them!

(i like lamb ears too...)

persephone said...

Thanks em! The funny thing about the photo is that I actually am not huge on garden "knickknacks," but I was given some very interesting things from dear friends and when put together it worked out perfectly and makes me laugh every time I see them :)

Hope my future photos live up to expectations!

A Home Made said...

To be honest, I never really thought of lambs ears as edible and certainly never tried boiling them for tea. I think of all the years that I lived at home with my mom's garden where she tons of lambs ear, lavender, roses, echinacia and more which weren't use for their great potential uses as tea or baking, but only for flowers.

I always played with the lambs ears as a kid cause they were so fuzzy, but I'm thinking that next spring I may go get some and plant them for their other uses... and pet the fuzziness too.

Thanks for the insight. And let me know if you give them a go as cotton balls. ^_^

persephone said...

Hey Anna! When you come and visit I'd be happy to donate some lamb's ears your way if you want some though I understand you had a plethora of plants at your property before anyways :)