Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New and exciting, ghost tomater!

For a long while now, my powers of perception have vastly improved (*Laugh track*)

Right... so I have had a bunch of tomatoes on the vine that have refused to ripen up and stayed a nasty pale yellow, but grew large and fat.  Finally, out of frustration I finally squeezed one, just to see if it was going to get any nearer to soft or if it had designs to be gargantuan before starting to redden. 

As it turned out... I had FOUR heirloom tomato varieties rather than the THREE I originally thought I had gotten from Gurney's heirloom tomato pack.
(Bumper crop of tomatoes, woo!)
Meet my anomaly: White Wonder, a beefsteak tomato (who'd have guessed? Casper, the friendly tomato?)
Sadly, I find this tomato a wee bit lacking in acid and tang like the green zebra striped, or the full flavor and spice of regular red beefsteaks.

It is still a nice juicy, sweet tomato, and I suppose if you want a tomato that won't overpower a dish in flavor here you are.  My husband and I had it with homemade falafel yesterday and it was good.

I have some really good stuff to post soon, tomorrow-ish is the hope!

I also will be working on some intensive stuff on companion planting and no-till gardening! 

BTW, if you are an edibleMemphis reader and enjoy my articles please give me feedback and any topics you'd like to see written about!  AND.... if you would like to put in a good word for me to my editor Melissa Peterson it would be appreciated!

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