Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Welcome to the Amphibian Witness Protection and Relocation Program

....you, Mr. Frog/Toad have witnessed an indescribable event (probably having to do with the Mafioso Mayfly Gang) and we here at the AWPRP are whisking you away, for your own good, in the middle of the night from the tough concrete sidewalks from whence you came to a safe location plentiful in flies, beetles and bugs of all sorts for you to feast upon all day and night as well as easy access to luxurious moist soil baths.

This secret location is the home of a mysterious gardener and writer, as well as eccentric, who cares of your health and existence and avoids using dangerous chemicals in your living area, chemicals which have turned your fellow brethren into various Two-Face and Joker look alikes with web feet.

Please forgive us for the slightly uncomfortable Alien Abduction/Beam Me Up Scotty/Hand of God like effect it may feel while you are being transported. Slight wooziness may occur and really, DON'T feel ashamed if you have to "release" during your brief flight to the TOP SECRET Location, your eccentric host forgives you for the mess.

Just feast away on all the bugs my pretties!

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