Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bring 'em in! (and the every fall/winter this happens post)

We had a mini-bit of frost here earlier, that worried me a little enough to cover the vegetable beds with a sheet and bring in some of the other more tender plants, but when it said 39 degrees F for the low with another week of nice weather before consistent lows at night in the 40s, I said, "Not worth it," and decided I might as begin the process of isolating them in the sunroom for a while where they could acclimate themselves to the horrors of less light.

I know you're supposed to acclimate them my bringing them in and out of the house for some hours each day, but with this:

I don't even bother.

After a week in there, with the sunroom window panels being opened and closed here and there depending on temperature and light conditions and for air flow, I figure they'll be fine mostly with the changes in the house and survive.

There's almost always whining and crying on their part in the form of some leaf drop and other issues, but in my house, only the mighty are allowed to survive!

(I find it funny when people comment I have a "green thumb."  No... I just grow easy things to make it look easy ;)

When I first bring the plants into the sunroom, I tend to do it in the early evening so that the temperature and light isn't a big change.  Then I douse the plants with neem oil solution to get rid of any pests that might have been brought and also drench soil with neem oil solution as well because many things probably made it their home their over the summer.

The day before I haul them in slowly, I give them another neem spray for good measure and after it's all dry I inspect them and haul 'em in!

I have REALLY limited sunshine and room, so I always need to make executive decisions as to what deserves the most light/room/etc. and most of the plants end up in the dining room and on the china cabinet.

Every so often through the winter I need to move the plants around from one room to the other so another plant can get some much deserved light.  It's tough work!

I am very excited though about a new addition to the house this winter which I have big plans for:

(ignore the messy house background...)

My jasmine I hope will grow very well and eventual give me a lot of perfumed flowers this winter/spring.  I'm having it climb all over the place (maybe even the chandelier to my husband's chagrin!)


Rosey Pollen said...

You certainly will have your hands full with all these great houseplants. If your house was too neat and clean I would think you weren't a gardener. I do like your red dining room. It's pretty!
I haven't sprayed my plants with neem, uh oh. Hopefully I won't have an invasion. I don't have too many plants though inside. That's what I say. Not my husband though.:)


Wendy said...

I read these posts in reverse order and now that I see all the houseplants, I can REALLY feel the nagging! :)

persephone said...

@Rosey: I like the red dining room too! They say that red inspires hunger and I figure what better place than in the dining room where everyone has to eat my cooking? Unfortunately no eating in the dining room when there's so much stuff crammed in there now!
Ugh, I've already encountered some aphids and scale despite the spraying, bah!

@Wendy: Ha, I always read webcomics in reverse, too lazy to scroll all the way back :)