Saturday, October 31, 2009


Hello all! Sorry for the late post...I've been running around like a mad woman with the relatives here and I figure hey, getting this in now rather than later is still better than not at all!

 I did a pumpkin for myself that is a repeat of one I did in a past year (sadly was too busy to think originally at the time!)

(yeah... pic from last year, but it's the same idea)

...but I made a cat pumpkin and mouse thing for the place I volunteer at:

 (Sadly didn't take this pic, the place I volunteer at did... since I forgot to after I carved it.  It's a cat--- that had awesome spaghetti whiskers that broke off in some high winds :(  Maybe I'll go back and add them back on)

(Mouse to with the cat)

Also, I found these at the Dollar Store and while I'll plan to paint them up with fun Dios de los muertos designs in the future, it is plain now other than the festive flowers!

Have a great spooky season!


Wendy said...

Great pumpkins. I really like the mouse. Hey, I have that same skull mug!!

Love the photo at the top of your blog. I laughed out loud!

persephone said...

Hi Wendy! Glad you like the pumpkins! I usually go a lot more out, but it's been crazy with the relatives visiting at the MOST IMPORTANT TIME OF THE YEAR! Ha, just kidding. That's Thanksgiving... mmmm, pumpkin pie.

The skull thing is actually some sort of candy dish/bowl that was at the dollar store for 50 cents... not too popular I guess. I think it would be fun to plant something gray like artemisia to represent brains!

Wendy said...

My skull thing was a yard sale purchase - probably the same value!

Saw your post on the amazing saffron crocus, but quickly scrolled past b/c I'm working on mine just as soon as my little one recovers from H1N1 :( Then I'll be back to compare notes!

Wendy said...

missed that last part - yes, it'd be soo funny to plant that mug! try it!