Monday, November 30, 2009

And we're back! Family time means plant trade hoe-down!

I am so lucky to have married in to such an awesomely plant entranced family!

Every visit means we all talk gardenshop, sip alcohol and haul out from our cars a miniature nursery of "extras" we wish to integrate within each others' gardens.  Pity one of the family lives in a tiny apartment with little light, but does that stop us from schlepping plants off onto him? No!  He'll just have to graciously deal, take in the ornamental pepper baby I gave him and try to figure out how to keep it alive despite his protests of "No light! No light!"

Ha, the big baby :)

Really, I'm not that overbearing! I swear! (I just have too many plants and feel less guilty about giving them to others rather than sending them to the composter!)

My mum in law had some extra raspberry plants to replace my rotted and dead ones (damn drainage issues) and also gave me cuttings of this interesting succulent:

That she calls an elephant cactus, but all internet searches seem to disagree with this name.  It reminds me sort of of a cross between a Christmas cactus and a Queen of the Night plant (as it roots randomly at various nodes and has a similar texture leaf, just serrated here).   Spiffy nonetheless and though it breaks with my edible tradition, I can't say no to interesting plants and this will keep me through the winter until spring where I can place it outside for the wolves! Just kidding.  I meant, just until spring where I can neglect it a little until I'll need it again in the winter like a baby needs its bobby.

My sis in law gave me random cuttings of hardy fig from a neighbor of hers, so that was splendid as I managed to kill mine this past spring.  (Well, I would rather not say it was my fault, it was the fig's fault for not being tough enough.  I was told that it was hardy enough for this area!)  So as she lives in a bit chillier of a location than mine and she states this fig is quite happy where she is, we'll assume that this one will survive ("... as long as I know how to love/I know I will stay alive."  this song just keeps popping up in my head when plants are involved!)

One impulse buy did occur at a garden store we went to this holiday:

A Hindu rope (Hoya Carnosa)!  To me, this was very spectacular plant (not edible either, dangit! Help! I'm losing my resolve for only edibles!) This was so unusual and exciting to me and I thought the husband would be amused by it too that I just bought it.  For $8, I figured why not?

Upon further inspection in the car I noticed it had some hirsute growing tips:

 and I sort of exclaimed out loud to my Mother & aunt & sister in laws, "Weird! It has some hairy bits on it! Wait, that sounded wrong."  Big grins all around luckily... I've been known to make inappropriate comments (because I can't keep my big mouth shut) and am still learning that thing called tact.

Anyways, friend in law watered my plants well while I was gone and nothing has died, though one appears to be on its way, but it looked as though it might prior to this trip anyways.  Speaking of which, I am waiting for said friend to write me a birthday column on why he doesn't do plants typically unless I ask him to care for mine while I am gone.  Prepare to read his plant bile soon-ish!


Nell Jean said...

I think that first, zigzag plant may be what we used to call 'Devil's Backbone.'
I think maybe of the Kalanchoe family, not the Devil's Backbone of the Pedilanthus family. There's nothing like common names to confuse us.

jeansgarden said...

Persephone, This was a delightful post. I'm the only truly plant-obsessed member of my family, so I envy you your in-laws (although not enough to acquire in-laws of my own!).
Maybe the reason you are weakening on your "edibles-only" stance is the realization that to fully live, we all need not only bread but roses, too. -Jean

janie said...

Well, we call that succulent "ZigZag cactus". We love it. The hairy parts of your hoya should soon bear plastic looking flowers. TRULY- they will look like plastic flowers! I love them too! Glad you are back. I will be back soon. We are laying wood floors in my house. I have to help DH. He says it's my duty.

Thank you so much for the labels. They are great! I am going to do a post about them.

persephone said...

@Nell Jean- Looking up the "devil's backbone" seems to reveal some inconsistencies to my plant and that one... nifty plant though! Thank you for the plant identification however, always needed here!

@jeansgarden- True, true about bread and roses... I thought my kohleria would be the end of it with its bizarre flowers, but these succulents and their odd foliage are doing me in! Hmm, I wonder what bread with rose petals would taste like.. good? (BTW, thanks to your garden about flowering perennials I may establish a semi-care free front yard garden for the neighbors to envy next year! Also, I am super jealous of your pretty paths :(

@Janie-Is the zigzag cactus same as this: ? I keep reading that there might be a few confusing identities... Geez guys, be individuals, huh? :) Yeah! I saw the pics of the hoya flowers, they looked viburnum-y a bit... plastic looking? Ironic.

Simon Eade said...
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persephone said...

@Simon: Simon, while my womanly ego appreciates your adoration, I get a bit "Mother Bear"-ish at your comment about my husband "if he needs to disappear" as I love my husband very much (more than the movie "The Princess Bride" can describe love).

While I KNOW that you joking when you say such things, I feel I must add, in a friendly fashion of course, that I live in gun country, the US, and not only do I live in gun country, I live in a very gun oriented city, Memphis, making things super gun-tastic here.

I apologize if I seem a little over-the-top in my response, but in the past I have been cyber-stalked, and so I'm a little twitchy when I get what feels like too much attention!

BUT, in keeping things friendly, I do enjoy your comments and your blog very much as is informative and interesting, but in the future perhaps your ardor may need to be toned down a bit :)

Ginger said...

Hey! I just linked to one of your recent posts. Just wanted to let you know.

Simon Eade said...
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