Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My Blog as my Confessional: I'm technically part of a city beautification board >_<

This post is inspired randomly because I received an email telling me that I needed to sign up again to be part of the city beautification board.

Yes, techinically I am part of the beautification board of my city.

I originally signed up for the environmental board, because, I dunno I feel like it's a bigger deal to me to teach sustainability and help people grow, reduce, reuse and recycle and whatnot more than making things pretty around here, because it's darn pretty for the most part already.  When you sign up you have to choose another board to potentially be on if they don't have room for you in the one you wanted, so I chose beautification... blah, mistake.

So as you might have surmise, I was rejected by the enviros and placed on the beautification board which I thought about doing, but really really really didn't want to do because, man, if you looked at my yard you won't see real pretty and orderly (which is what they do a lot of here) but you will  see lots of environmentally friendly practices!

Anyways, I missed the first meeting (I was busy!) and then the next one... and the ones thereafter and continued to keep getting these infernal emails about the beautification board meetings and one great one that involved some sort of odd political war between some members which was at least some fantastic drama to read.

I attempted to explain a few times to them that I really needed to be taken off this list but none of the email addresses I tried would work.

So I gave up and now I am just RELIEVED that this stuff is nearly over.

I kind of want to try signing up again for the environmental board and get all involved in my community but I'm feeling a little disenchanted.  Maybe I'm just grumpy, the holiday season gets me that way :)

Whew! Good to get that off my chest!  Hopefully no one is on a beautification board and is insulted by my comments! *ducks, hides!*


Jacob Royer said...

I think you have the right idea.
More than likely the board is going to be a lot of infighting between the different members as far as what each wants to do and never really getting anywhere.
At least that's how it is where I live. For the most part it's a few bossy people railroading everyone else into doing what they want. This is why I will never be on any boards or comitties.

Love the blog!

persephone said...

Hey vachtra! Yeah, not even really going to meetings and etc has shown me the way of town politics even at the most tiny level and as I hate drama, it's no city gov for me for now!