Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Woohoo! Randomness: The Revolution will be Cultivated? Why yes I am!

I just received my prizes for participating in Gayla Trail's "Seven Things" challenge at her amazing website, You Grow Girl, from a little while back!

When I saw the word "cultivated" on "The Revolution will be Cultivated" big button, immediately springing to mind for me were Hugh Hefner-esque smoking jackets, cravats and a glasses of scotch. 

Obviously the "cultivated" here is related plant-wise, but I guess my mind runs in weird tangents. 

So, here I am modeling the buttons on a big ol'sun/gardening hat, a smoking jacket like thing, black scarf and a glass of... um, "apple juice" yeah... I think a cigar would have made it better, but I don't smoke, so no cigar :)  Instead of diamond studded stick-pin that might adorn a cravat I found a random sparkly flower pin I had laying around.  I think fezs are typically coupled with smoking jackets ( I know, I'm a nut!  I think it's a Shriner thing?) but the wide brim of a sun hat seemed more appropriate.
My husband was a little weirded out though because he thought that the phrase was based off of one of these two things.

So if I've made a terrible political statement faux-pas, many pardons, I just can't help myself!

Also, Thanks again Gayla! As usual, you're the best!

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Gayla said...

I'm a big Gil Scott-Heron fan, so yep, that's the reference.