Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mustard Snow Cones anyone? (posted yesterday really, but I accidently saved rather than posted..?)

It seems that the Minnesota snow decided to follow me because tonight/tomorrow morning Memphis is expected to have snow and sleet enough to close things down.

Snow fell just before I left earlier in the week and I was amazed to see all the tatsoi mustard, collards, regular mustard, broccoli, peas, pak choy, little beet seedlings and chard babies all still doing fine despite my negligence of not covering them before I left.

So.... I'm thinking about not covering them again.

A little gamble. But I'm a gambling woman!

I like my tough little plants.  Sort of slow growing in the winter but I planted a bunch so I can take a little from each.

Tatsoi mustard and so tasty!  Beautiful rosettes! I planted them all too close and had to heavily thin and they are doing ok with it despite this weather!

It's just as pretty as an orchid isn't it?  Pak choy turned out to be so much fun and they say it's cut and come again...  had it in soup yesterday, put it in a little too early and so it got a little mushy, but still A+ to me for getting my veggies!

It's weird seeing pak choy bolt in the winter, but sort of uplifting that something is working so hard to flower/seed in this weather.  Hardy things.

PS update: no snow/sleet thus far, yeah! NPR and their bad weather forecasting

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