Wednesday, December 9, 2009

She's a very geeky girl....Supergeek!

(I apologize for the title link, it's terrible I know, but it makes me think of the movie Little Miss Sunshine, and that makes me happy!)

Nothing like a good intelligent magazine article to get the mind buzzing I say.  The Atlantic recently published an article, "The Science of Success" that really got me thinking.  The basis of the article is about what makes certain people successful in their environment by stating how there are people who are like dandelions (able to adapt anywhere despite their environment and abuse) while others are more like orchids (who bloom and perform exceptionally when given greenhouse-like conditions). 

This plant analogy is not the only reason why I enjoyed this article (and I figure it is relative to this blog), but also because I have been mulling about Jean's comment from JeansGarden about needing bread /wheat and roses, rather than my usual all edible plant-ness.  I was thinking tangentially of her comment when I read this article because of the parallels of wheat being a grass and able to tough it out and spread everywhere unlike roses, which only look good when paid LOTS of attention too (but can be admittedly tough in their own right).

I also found this article to be important to me as well because I am somewhat neurotic and get depressive at times, and thought it was elucidating, if not instructive (which is good for me because I really hate instructions.  If I'm doing complicated baking or I am fixing my car, yes instructions are helpful.  Other than that, I tend to stay away from baking and mechanical work).

While this entry/article doesn't pertain specifically to plants, I believe life and plants/gardening are a constant analogies for each other and provide us with mini bits of enlightenment (satori?) that are difficult notice in our normally frenetic lives. 

So go read.  Feel the little bolts of electrical learning jolting in your noggin and mull about what makes us tick.

(Caution: the article is long and bit heavy at times, but plug through it and ignore the small super science-y parts if it bores you)


Amy said...

I love your header with the gnome...that's funny! Also, I enjoyed your post. You are right in relation to people/plants there are a lot of analogies that pertain to life. -Amy

persephone said...

@Amy: Glad you enjoyed the post! I never was a huge fan of gnomes before, but they have certainly grown on me. Gardening, I find has made me infinitely wiser and it definitely a hobby that nurtures you back in so many ways