Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Weeds. No not that kind!

I swear, I am always a few days late when I finally get around to posting these musings... 

A couple days ago it was actually... temperate!  Hardy weeds at this point seem to consider it to be rather spring-like and have sprung up EVERYWHERE and I have been not so diligent in the elimination of them.  Main weed issues is new grass (either from floating around seeds or from grass clippings that didn't compost down enough I suppose that I use as mulch/amend the garden/husband grass hogging like mad and not seeing where his seedy clippings went >_<.

I am curious as to popular opinion on this:
When I weed, I toss to the side OUT of the garden anything with noticeable seeds/going to seed and simply pull/lay roots side up those that are not in seed like some grasses and keep those in the garden because I am pretty darn sure they aren't going to survive at that point and I don't mind their little nutrient sucking selves to just return to the soil.

I probably such just get a bucket and toss them in there for total compost-ation but my weeding is the type where I go out to look at the garden with the intent to simply "check things out," until I see a weed.  Then I'm on my knees, out there for an hour spying a million little inappropriate sprouts that I must  nullify, so I come out in the first place improperly equipped for weeding.

I've done this in nice clothes before too, luckily not in the heels, but when it comes to gardening and especially weeding I am impulsive and sort of like Pringles, once I start pulling, I just can't stop.

Probably answering my question, I should just have a bucket that is next to the door of the garden that has painted on it:  DON'T WALK THROUGH THIS DOOR WITHOUT ME. (in fine print under it: even if it's to just 'look' at the garden, take a breath of fresh air, have a little stroll... TAKE ME)

Hmm.  I think I should have that tattooed on me so my husband can see this every morning before he walks out the door. Just kidding.  Maybe?

This also sounds like something puppies at a shelter would have on them. 


With all of the relatively nicer weather I begin to have stupid impulses thinking that maybe I could plant things outside... with milk jug/soda pop liter bottle cloches... no real work like seed starting (which I still need to do >_<)   The thought of this: things really growing outside again and little seedlings not needing to be transferred gets me salivating, but I have jumped the gun WAY too many times before in my early planting exuberance and I know, because the calender tells me so, that it's only freaking January and it would be total folly to plant anything other than MORE mustards and leafy greens now.

Plus it's forecasted to sleet/snow again in a couple days.  Seriously winter, who needs it?  (ok, maybe the citrus trees who need a good cold spell to flower and fruit nicely and the greens and roots that sweeten up during a frost/when it gets cold, & etc. Bah. I still hate the cold)


Jim Groble said...

I'm glad to here that there are other weeders. great post. I tried to pick your post on Blotanical but I get a server error notice. jim

Ruralrose said...

First time visitor, you have an awesome sense of humor. I too am a pull and toss over the edge weeder, and I too should be putting them in a bucket to feed my chickens. I have tried, but love the mess and chaos of weeding. I am working on n apron now, with a big bag sewn (with a bottom closed with a string) in the front for weeds. Actually there is two pockets one for the chicken's weeds and one for the weeds I like to eat. Off to read more of your blog, you are a good read. Peace

persephone said...

@Jim- Thanks for enjoying the post :) I think blotanical hates me sometimes, but it's ok... technology tends to feel that way about me (ooh, reminds me... hard drive needs backing up.... :)

@Ruralrose- glad you enjoy my humor... it's rather tangential as my mind sort of branches off in a million ways. Good lucky with the crafty! I have about 5 aprons for food, none for gardening here that I should use... but I always seem to forget. I general I am a rather tidy cook/gardener and don't get too dirty, but your apron idea sounds brill. I think I should attach a pair of large hands, one on each side of the door to the garden, each hand holding one side of the apron so when I step out, I stick my head through the neck loop and the apron will be on me no matter what unless I want to dodge my contraption. Too Rube Goldberg-ian?