Sunday, February 14, 2010

Prepping for massive soil attack

I have SOIL (and humus)!

I have SEEDS!  

Let's get this thing rolling.

Seed starting tomatoes,peppers, newly grocery store harvested tomatillo seeds and maybe a few herbs tomorrow.

I had bought a few horseradish roots on the cheap from the a grocery store some months back and had stored them in the refrigerator only to find some lovely shoots beginning (even when wrapped in plastic wrap!)

So I'll be planting that in a barrel relatively soon while I let the wound scar up so it doesn't rot when I plant it.   Hopefully horseradish galore this year!

 The seeds will be planted in saved cardboard egg cartons (for the sake of room until I can move other houseplants around) and then transferred them to handmade newspaper pots.  Nice to replant/repot the tomatoes anyways and get those roots strong and deep.

As stated previously, only some super cheap local mom and pop store seeds would be purchased along with the necessary soil needed.  The kindness of strangers, gardening family members and past saved seed has filled out my other seed needs with no seeds purchased online/via catalog this year which will hopefully save on costs.

Many things will be direct sown later such as okra, peas, beans, kohlrabi (new one for me, but as I can eat it ALL, I thought it was a good choice), cabbage,  basils, and etc.

I'm pretty excited as I think I gain more life seeing seeds sprouting and growing.  There's just that excitement of seeing things developing that is motivating... hmmm... that's a good analogy I should use for writing.  As with many things in life for me, I need momentum and if I get on a roll, I can keep that energy up.  If I start slacking or give myself a break then it's all down hill from there and then I get annoyed at myself and yada yada, so growth and spring=good.

I'm not a fan of Valentine's Day at all, and am happy to say that my husband and I have never celebrated it.  Every end of January/beginning of February when I walk into a store I say, "Why are there giant stuffed animals on sale?"  then it's "OH... Valentine's Day."  I'm just not a fan of one holiday meant to "truly express your love" or whotnot.  Make it everyday.  Going all out on one day does not make it special, showing your love a little each day, that does it (for me at least).  Maybe it's just my middle school/high school angst showing, but it seemed like an impractical holiday to me.

BUT, as there's some softies out there and my begonia's blooming some conveniently shaped heart like flowers, I will indulge:

Thanks for sticking with me!

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