Saturday, February 20, 2010


Ooh.  Today was beautiful.  Tee-hee.

So, oh was I tempted to say (like I do every year), "Whatever to you, Mr. Frost-Date!  I can plant!"

But being a good gardener  (for once) I looked up the weather forecast and got my head straight:


But good to know.  I know they say that the last frost date isn't until near the end of March, and there are a few things like some lettuces (and maybe peas) that I think can tough it out with this upcoming hissy-fit of winter refusing to die, but I know it's only smart of me to wait.  Until the next pretty bit of weather after this next week and then I'll just probably go on a planting spree and await with my plethora of sheets to cover things up at a moments notice.

ALL winter I planned to, well plan, my garden for this spring and as usual got caught up in the ridiculous.  I was going to profile ALL my seeds too with descriptions and etc.  Maybe I'll just do that with each thing that actually comes up so that we can see its progression?  Like a real garden log instead of my faux log.  (Makes me think of gas fire place logs that don't burn  :P)

Anyways, my seeds haven't shown a sprout yet (because it's only been 5 days... and I'm impatient).  Maybe tomorrow....

Either way, here is a pic of my plan or map for this early spring garden before I yank some things (like the peas) out for other vegetables to replace them  (like beans, peppers, eggplant and tomatoes).

Click to make bigger (those in yellow highlighted are permanent fixture plants):

Anyways, before I plant I should do some garden tidy up work and get some things put together before the garden is really good for planting.  Here's my list:

-put up new re-used metal gazebo frame as trellis to replace handmade wooden one
-turnover garden paths to get rid of grass and lay down newspaper for smothering weeds/grass
-create extra drainage to barrels
-add more soil to half barrels
-turn and add compost to garden
-shred leaves? (should've done it earlier >_<)

Here's a list of the vegetables for a quick peek.  I decided to plant lettuce this year despite the husband not eating it because he'll probably find a way to eat it with mustard greens (which he will like) or I might actually eat lunches for once, albeit light ones if lettuce is around.  They're just so simple, easy and grow fast to fill in spaces. They make me feel abundant?

Asian Vegetables:
-2 mystery veg from mom. look like lettuce seeds
-Chinese Kale (White Flower)
-Shanghai Pai-Tsai (Chinese Cabbage)
-Korean hybrid mini white radish
-Chinese Cabbage (Asian Mini)

Detroit beets

Cabbage (Early market)

Carrot (Scarlet Nantes)


Collards (Georgia)

Kale (Siberian)

Kohlrabi white vienna

-Red Salad Bowl
-Black simpson

-Southern Giant

Onions (Evergreen long white Bunching)

Garden Pea
-Green Arrow

Sugar Snap Pea
-Sugar Ann

Snow Pea
-Oregon Sugar Pod II

Exciting, eh?

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