Monday, April 26, 2010

Earth what?

This is just a brief mini rant before I sit my butt down and compose actual blog-i-tude since I was a bad, bad, blogger this weekend (I hate going more than a couple of days without posting, but it was a very nice weekend for me).  Anyways...

So I missed Earth Day/Week/Month.  Boohoo.

I have no television access (really, doesn't connect, I don't get the local stations or want to pay for cable) so I missed out any commercials or shows that might be/have been "Go Earth!" themed.

I do get a newspaper (which I've canceled due to finances, and have used the b/w stuff in the garden and recycled the colored/shinies), but as I don't really do much "fun" or recreational shopping I barely noticed Earth Day sales.

My biggest realization that it was "Hurray for Earth!" Day came from my RSS feeder blogs which made me somewhat aware that it was "Love our Planet"time.

Needless to say, even with this one simple source of media used, I too, like the editor of Inhabitat,  was sort of sick of a one day devotion and awareness of simple "good living practices."

Granted I know that many people who frequent this blog and other blogs or sites on sustainability or gardening already do lots of things that are environmentally friendly or are making it a working goal of theirs to be more environmentally friendly.  So Earth Day is just preaching to the choir for those folks.  I believe Earth Day is a good way though to help those who aren't as environmentally aware to become more educated and that it takes a shot at making people usually apathetic more caring about the world's situation.

STILL, all the hullaballoo about Earth Day can be eye-rollerific  time for those who make sustainable practices a ritual rather than a holiday.

I know our society's made great progress and we need the enthusiasm of those who put forth the effort to organize and bring to light to the general public what they can do to make the planet better, but it's just painful that local Home Depots/Lowes all around are having sales of gallon volume ROUND-UP and ant poison in celebration of Earth Day in comparison to the no-blink attitude of the Japanese about the concept of energy and water conservation; and Europeans who take personal cloth bags to the grocery store for granted.

So, to get off my high horse, I probably should still be doing a lot of things like: have no plastic bags (I still have some around mostly from the newspaper covers to pick up the dog's cr@p with, so when that goes, I need to figure something out), bring my own containers to hold meat/veg products at the store (or just eschew the bag which I try), save water more by taking 5 minute showers, buy only unpackaged foods, have just one car, live in a tiny house (I wish, really),  never turn on my heater/ac (ok, go off the grid in general), feed my dog tofu, use a compostable toilet (would like that), and some many more things!

Point being, I'm learning, you're learning, and though I'm a stick in the mud (though corny still) about holidays let's make it an Earth Year every year without all the flashy stuff or surprise sales (especially of Roundup).

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Lucca said...

I have HD antenna TV (which is awesome btw) and saw ad after ad for a new company that makes earth-friendly underwear.... Sorry, but isn't the most earth friendly underwear au naturel? Happy belated earth day.