Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Potentially confused plants waking up

The hibiscuses are coming back again! Grrrr-reat! Except that if I recall... it feels a little early?  With all this mid 80 degree weather I think some of my plants have become disoriented!

First it was the really cold winter and now unseasonably warm spring, I suppose I can't blame them for being in a hurry to get up and out and enjoy the heat.

Both hibiscuses are looking spry, though the Red River one's buds are growing relatively slower than the other hibiscus's.  I suspect because the Red River's in a shadier region of the garden.

The small numerous buds makes me think of sad thoughts of an acne ridden teenager (oh will those days never end?!).  On a happier thought, though some might contend this as something to celebrate, the morning glories are coming back up around it too, self seeded all over, including under the Red River hibiscus where it will wind its way up the branches and flower among more exotic looking flowers.  Almost like congregating with angels, hmm guys?  If they start getting a little too strangle-y of the hibiscus I'll just yank some up.  It's fun though to see the 2 different flowers on one plant though.

(you can see about 4 little morning glory seedlings popping up around the hibiscus base.  I think I saw yet more popping up later today)

More confused plants include the stevia/sweetleaf.  It that came back!  Dude, it's a zone 11 I found out (not a zone 9 I thought for a while) and so my super mulching methods worked, I am still startled to see it coming back and with so many numerous and strong shoots.  I thought for certain that there was no way it could survive that winter especially as I was convinced I mulched too late.  I have suspicions that the first year I mulched (a couple of years ago) I also piled LOTS of dirt around the base of the plant and so maybe that it some good increased protection to make this zone 11 plant essentially perennial for me here?!  Just to be sure too I did a taste test and yep, it was the painfully sweet stevia I remembered it to be.

Always nice to see things persevere in the garden.  Makes me think I actually am too, though I haven't been doing much work to help them along!

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