Thursday, April 1, 2010

Unenchanted meeting

My little tomato seedlings are doing poorly.  As a matter of fact, I think they are kicking the bucket from damp off and now UV damage on my part (too impatient to get them out of the house and optimistically thinking that the UV rays would kill fungus/rid the seedlings of excess potential moisture...? I know, I know... hardening off, I did it a little too quickly and now I'm paying for it with dying seedlings, the surviving ones now splashed bleach white from the rays.

Luckily I had some leftover seed of 7 of the 13 varieties (lucky old 13, eh?) that I had planned to grow that I now get to re-grow.  Woo.

Well, if things go poorly again in about a week or so, then I'm just going to have to buy some plants. And that would just make me want to express myself in words that I can't/shouldn't post on this blog.

Anywhos, I left the remaining potentially survivable (we'll see) seedlings on a tray  on the ground away from my platform of newly sown  seeds just in case damping off fungus spores want to travel and infect others like vampires.  I returned a few hours later  to have a look-see at my pathetic seedlings when I noticed that there was a disturbance in one pot-verse:
Can you see it?

A little bit closer...
Yep.  That's a TOAD.  That buried itself.  Between 2 seedlings.  In a pot just large enough to hold its warty little self.


I watered the plants a bit taking care to give the toad a bit of a cold shower and wandered at why the heck it didn't choose some of shadier regions of the garden that are relatively plentiful (and easier to get into).

I figured this was a lesson learned so I raised the crummier seedling tray up a bit on some bricks, took out the toad inhabited pot and left it on the ground so when Mr. Toad (where was Mr. Frog?) decided to hop on out he didn't have to go mini-skydiving in the process.

Naturally, when I took out Mr. Toad's pot the scamp then decided to vacate.

*SIGH* (again)

I'm sure we'll meet again Toad (most likely in one of my other pots or plots.

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