Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I have been relatively displeased with myself and this blog as of late because while I would like it to be entertaining and informative, I feel I have been much less informative as of late than I have in the past and thus feel quite a bit of displeasure at this and at myself.

I also realize, that quite a bit of my screwiness here at the blog is due to me wanting to pump out content/being just so darn excited about things that I write without much thought.  This bothers me, and if bothers you, 1) I don't blame you and 2) feel free to pipe up and tell me,  "Hey, content?"

So, my realization of this has brought me to believe that I need to, as in all aspects of my life, SLOW DOWN.

This means however, I might not get as many posts out.  Which, may or may not make you a sad reader, or indifferent (because if you're like me you probably have about 50+ gardening feeds that you read... many of them probably much more exciting/informative/picture-rific than mine...)

This could be a boon though, because now you won't see my posts come up so often and distance makes the heart grow fonder, right? Right? :)

If any of this inaccurate or you have any suggestions at all for me to improve, please tell me.  I won't say I thrive on criticism, but I do appreciate it as I think criticism is important and needed for a person to learn to take it gracefully and think outside his or her own head.

Maybe I should do what some people do and devote one day a week to a particular topic?  Any advice?

Anyways, just wanted to get that out and thanks as usual.


Anonymous said...

I don't really have anything negative to say, but I do like seeing pictures of what you're talking about so I know what to look for. I'll read them however often you have time to post them.

The Blogger said...

I'm having the exact same problem with my blogs too! Maybe some advice for novice gardeners? How to get started and have success? Good luck, Stephy!

Jim Groble said...

I read all your posts. Pics are always good. jim

Anna said...

I recently discovered your blog and read all the time. I find it very informative and appreciate all the detail and explanations given.
Mostly I don't comment because the explanation was so thorough... and saying 'thanks for the informative post' was getting quite monotonous.

Yes, there could be more photos... but personally that's not as important as the information.

I like coming here because more often than not I know I'll be reading a new post. That's a huge plus!


persephone said...

@all: Thanks so much for the comments and advice! So, more pics, novice gardener advice, keep it informative and consistent posting. Not to hard. Right? Right? Eh, a vacation may be in store.. :P j/k

I'll do what I can, but like I said, please feel free to poke me or ask questions that you don't feel like you have time to research (or are too lazy) because I like to learn new stuff.