Thursday, July 9, 2009


Just wanted to plug this site that I have discovered:

ALL ABOUT EDIBLE PLANTS (columbines, who'd have thought?)

The database is like candy for me!

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A Home Made said...

I think that site is going to be a primary data base now when I'm deciding what to plant. Why buy plants that only look pretty when you can buy a plant that looks pretty and you can eat it.

I do love this particular quote from the page with regards to the Taxus baccata:
"If you should accidentally bite into the seed (and you will immediately know by the bitter flavour in your mouth), then you should straight away spit it out to avoid any possibility of poisoning. If this worries you, then I should say that my 2 year old son adores this fruit and eats it in quantity. I always make sure that he spits out the seed before I give him another fruit and he has never yet bitten into any seeds."

Thanks for the great find!