Thursday, July 9, 2009


Forgot to note, and post pics of the bunny situation.

Some time ago I set up a super lousy plastic wire and bamboo pole fence to keep the bunny from decimating new bush bean plants I was attempting again. Unfortunately the asparagus that was interplanted with got mighty tall and bushy and has blocked out so much light that I think the beans are suffering (though I do see some bean flowers still!) Anyways, my fence was SO lousy (geez, that has a Holden Caulfield-esque feel to it doesn't it?) that I went out one day to find a bunny stuck INSIDE the fenced area. As it turns out, the Lousy Fence, curls under and as I didn't secure it well, bunny can get in, but bunny cannot get out. MWAHAHAHAHAHA. *clears throat* So naturally I wanted to humanely rid myself of it.


Luckily my mother in law was in town and helped me distract the critter because it was one fast fuzz muffin. Not wanting to experience a bun-bite I donned a pair of leather work gloves AND got a pair of cushy silicone covered tongs to pick up the bugger. (Yes, it was a little ironic to be picking up a bunny with a food utensil with the intention to release it, rather than eat it.) Alas, no pictures of the tong-age as I was in a hurry to get it in a bucket.

I gave it huge carrot in case it was hungry, and out of some remorse (and for the photo opportunity to show how TINY the thing was).

Later we took the bunny to the park where it was released in a patch of poison ivy that I didn't realize I had stepped in until my mother in law point it out to me. Ah, that finally helped my poison ivy recognition skills, always a little weak there.

(Mom in law releasing bucketed bunny)

You'd think the bunny would flee, but noooo... it decided to be scared for a full twenty minutes as crowds of children marched past tempted to poke and prod at it unless MIL and I politely asked them not too (and under threats of poison ivy).

After thinking that I had seriously caused mental trauma on its hare-brain (sorry, can't help it), I attempted to pick the bunny up when it said, "Screw this," and loped off. Bunnies, grr.

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shinkeikaku said...

That bunny is too cute. Wearing gloves is smart. Jared once caught a shrew literally by hand (don't ask?) and he should have worn some!