Tuesday, September 29, 2009

But I don't even like pink!

I've never liked pink, too prissy for my tastes. It always reminded me of princesses and I never was the princess type (usually wanted to be Robin Hood, the Prince, or Super Mario---- maybe it was the weapons...?)

ANYWAYS, I've brought a little pink in my life finally, but only if it's combined with some sort of purple-burgundy-black on the plant.

It all started with the Haight-Ashbury Hibiscus:

Striking me with its interesting splashes of hot pink here and there (and NOT the MJ looking leaves...)

...and then I found Pink Fountains Gaura, with it's burgundy-black foliage and pink flowers... (the foliage is blacker with heat, and as it's been cool, so yeah, pretty blah green now). I thought it would go well with Haight-Ashbury... and now Park seed has this lovely.

*girly squeee* pink flowers with purple-black foliage AND edible fruit eventually?!? WANT SO BAD. Geez, when did I start accessorizing my garden more than myself?

BUT... it's a tree/shrub... and I have noooooooooo room. *le sigh*

Someday that farm will happen...

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