Monday, September 28, 2009

Just got hit in the head by a forecasted temperature drop!

Oy! It's almost October! So, why am I surprised by the upcoming temperature drop that's BELOW 50 degrees?

Because I am dumb and have acclimated myself to the idea of an endless summer!

How is it that we so easily forget that things get cold again? (shut up you guys in the deep south/California :)

That temperature changes gradually, but one day/night just hits us and we notice, "whoa, the weather really is changing!"

I mean, dude, I've been planting/planting for my cold-weather gardening, why am I so weirded out about this?

Aiiee! I just saw some geese flying south! It's like they're carrying the warm weather with them! Come back you warm weather thieves! Maybe if I lasso a few and house them in my yard the warm weather will stay there ;)

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