Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunshine and lolly-pops...

Going a bit nuts getting things prepared for impending closer to Thirty-ness n' family n' stuff as we celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas all as one holiday (so difficult when you only get to be with them about once a year at major holidays!)

Anyways, allow me distract you with this:

It was a pretty day and I felt like taking some art shots with the squirrel sown sunflowers.

It always seems like there are a million pics of sunflowers in their namesake yellow petaled glory, so I felt like bucking the trend and taking some intimate pics of them in bud or just prior to them bursting open.

I know a bunch of these look really similar but if you click on the pics and blow them up there are subtle differences that I like.

The slight open buds make me think of slightly pinched faces and I love the curved tendril-iness of the sepals and small little hairs.

This one is a bit off kilter, but I figured it would make a nice desktop background if anyone was interested.

A little "cold" filter on a couple just for contrast made it look frosty indeed and I liked the effect a lot!

Hope you enjoyed!


Kiki said...

Truly gorgeous shots!! Super inspiring..I love seeing flowers in all stages..this was awesome!!Fantastic post!!

evolutionofagardener said...

Your sunflower photos are beautiful! :)

Jacob Royer said...

I have a number of seeds from my summer sunflower harvest. Should have a lot more next year. Hope it's a nice color.

persephone said...

@Kiki-Thanks for the praise :) It's nice to have shots that are I might eventually actually print in reality and frame in the kitchen (so fancy!)

@evolution: thank you! They surprised me too! Nature is gracious, you can't take a bad pic of her generally!

@Jacob: I tried planting this reddish variety and failed, and then this teddybear kind that was short and fuzzy and failed too (granted I know I didn't give them the greatest conditions, I just wanted an area filled in). Funny how the squirrels do a better job!