Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tall plants getting you down? You need to give them a stiff drink!

As we are getting close to the forced amaryllis and narcissus bulb season I wanted to put this cool trick out.  Lots of you probably already know it but if you don't--- I can't help it, I just love spreading this info around!
If you weren't aware, certain plants, best with bulbs such as tulips and narcissus, grow rather tall and floppy and need to be staked.  You can avoid the staking part by giving your plants some holiday libations and let them enjoy the season with you!

Alcohol such as hard liquors (whiskey, gin, vodka, etc) at a no higher than 6% solution in water keeps the plants short and stumpy without affecting foliage size or fragrance.  It also may increase your plants longevity!

Cheers, mon cheri narcissus!

If you don't want to spare the good stuff on your plants you can use rubbing alcohol rather than that 20 year aged scotch or something.  Just don't give the plants beer or wine because the sugars mess with their systems.  Save that stuff for the fruit flies or slugs!

I suppose there's a lot of love for me for this because I'm short, about 5'2" and the fact that some people want a little compact being rather than a leggy supermodel plant *jealousy* warms my heart (j/k).

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