Friday, March 5, 2010

Garden To do Overload (but hopefully not going to need to reload)

As I've mentioned in the past I want my garden to knock me out this year and have grand plan(t)s.

Unfortunately I am the type that likes to knock nearly everything out all out once, as with gardens, maintenance is a forever to-do, therefore let's get the mains stuff done once in one concentrated go.  A shot in the arm in getting things done because my garden therapy eventually is to meander around the garden in my bog boots and sun hat, with a beer in hand, watch plants grow, eradicate a weed here and there.  Maybe frantically water when the weather gets a bit too hot and I suppose train or attach things to trellis/stakes when the time comes.

I want all the real hard work done in a weekend (or two...) or it'll be BLITZJARDINING time!

As the weather looks to be good this weekend, starting today,  here is what I want to accomplish:

-move recycled gazebo frame to be trellis in beds
-spray paint gazebo trellis to avoid rust
-make LOTS more aluminum can garden tags
-string off areas of garden for good sectioning
-weed garden path
-turn food compost bin
-re-string all nail fence trellis (may need to buy more twine)
-CLEAN SUNROOM aka sunroom that dreams to be a potting shed
-clean, sharpen and oil garden tools (make a good place for them in sunroom)
-try to create a PERMANENT place inside sunroom for wheelbarrow
-do something else w/weird student desk in sunroom
-fit a plastic rubbermaid container in sinkhole of potting bench made from someone's old laminate kitchen countertop.
-get more bamboo and branch trimmings for cage/trellising material
-ID a mystery plant in garden

-clear/clean up garden work:
    -move random organic debris to composter/compost area or trash
    -recycle or trash unneeded plant pots or trays
    -move all dropped pine needles to a good spot for easy use
    -remove dead plants/plant bits still hanging around
    -take down old trellis string along fence

    -inappropriately placed herbs (esp those that get watered on accident by neighbors)
    -pitcher plants
    -black eyed susans
    -extra canna bulbs
    -indian strawberry (to garden path? &/or side path?)
    -lemongrass plants
    -mother of thousands

-use newspaper to:
    -make newspaper pots for transplants
    -shred for cheap mulch
    -smother weeds in the garden path

-take cuttings of:
    -tea plant

            -asian veg
            -green onions
            -sunchokes! (in a small raised bed for permanent plants)
        -salad burnet
        -horseradish! (in a bucket)
        -bachelor's buttons
        -morning glories
        -cardinal vine
        -hyacinth vine
        -bells of ireland

Garden barters/purchases needed:
    -espazote herb (for beans, as we're semi veg)

-PROJECTS (not to be completed this weekend):
    -have plants hanging off waterbarrel to hide it (make look attractive)
    -make more moss garden/graffiti stuff
    -make another rain barrel?
    -use beer/wine bottles to create path/edging
    -get bathouse up
    -make 6 birdhouses
    -make mason bee houses
    -make cold frame
    -work on making a good all season garden


Kermit said...

You can use pallet tops for bird houses!

persephone said...

@kermit: I have been scouting out my neighborhood for pallets! Someone there our their fence, so I took that for scrap wood :) They also tossed the gate, so there's rusty hardware there to be used! It's the motherload!

Jennifer Frazier said...

Your to do list made me tired to read...2 weeks??? You're my hero. LOL I need to make a list like that myself. Congrats on your garden junk...I love to curb shop!

persephone said...

@jennifer: sorry i didn't get back to you earlier, I was on a last minute trip for a while and have just been so dang busy! (Gardening of course!) Yeah, that 2 weeks thing didn't happen (esp as I went on this trip and the weather got crummy here again) MOST Of the list got done though and as of late I got more curbside goodies that I hope will greatly enhance my garden/waterbarrel. More news on that later.

Hope your garden is going great!