Monday, June 8, 2009

Pepper, attack!

As there were no more bean leaves to eat, the bunny has moved onto the bell pepper plant.


Today I have erected a bamboo and leftover black plastic net fence and doused the garden with mustard and cayenne powders as well as crushed chili flakes.

May your little bunny paws burn upon touching my capsaicin-ed garden!!!!!

Though, I do have a confession. I am starting to wonder if it is the bunny that is causing the damage. Just because I can see the fuzz ball flopping around in the yard doesn't mean it's causing all the damage.... I do wonder if the damage could be caused by some insect.... More research to be done.

Other than that delightful news, I noticed nasty fracas, evidence of squash borers on an acorn squash plant today:

Blah, why does a moth so pretty have to have such ugly babies? (Thanks to Dallasbutterflies for moth pic and wiki for borer pic)

*sigh* Springtime is for planting, summertime is for war.

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